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This Is Us Star’s Daughter Is Starting High School, & Dad’s in Shock

One day, you’re holding your newborn baby, and just a few days later, she’s headed off to high school. OK, it doesn’t really happen quite that fast, but when your baby girl is inching her way toward prom, it can feel like it went by in the blink of an eye. And not even celebs are immune to this trick of time, as actor Justin Hartley knows too well. He spoke to People about his daughter Isabella heading off to high school — and how he just can’t get over it.

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I live for this smile.

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“Unbelievable right?” the This Is Us star told the magazine. “It is a shock because I remember feeling like I woke up and she was 10. Then I looked at her again and she was 14.”

Don’t worry, Justin. All parents know these feels — even if we’re not on one of TV’s biggest sobfest shows ever. It’s so bittersweet watching your child grow up, from first steps to SATs and everything in between. And guess what? The milestones definitely don’t stop there; thirtysomething “kids” have firsts too! Parenting is a roller coaster, and it doesn’t get any easier — it just gets different.

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Congrats, Isabella, and enjoy these new adventures to come. And Dad, you’d better hang on for dear life, because prom’s a-comin’.

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