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Caitlin McHugh, John Stamos’ Wife, Mom-Shamed for Wearing a Bikini

If you’ve got it, flaunt it — unless, according to one Instagram user, you’re a new mother. Yeah, we’re confused too. Caitlin McHugh, who along with her husband, John Stamos, welcomed a baby boy into the world in April, received a ridiculous message from someone earlier this week criticizing her for posting a video of herself wearing a bikini to her Instagram Story.  

“You’re a mother now,” the commenter wrote in a direct message. “Gross, tattoo and all.” 

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McHugh, who gets paid to model bikinis professionally, was having none of the shaming and shared a screen-grab of her perfect response. “Not as gross as trolling,” she fired back along with a hand-wave emoji. 

Pretty perfect response. Stamos also seems uninterested in what anyone has to say about his wife. Though he didn’t respond directly to the absurd message, he did share two behind-the-scenes videos of McHugh dancing on set with the captions, “MILF-wife Life” and “Good gosh!” 

McHugh is only the latest on a seemingly endless roster of celeb moms trolls have attacked for wearing a bikini. Earlier this month, haters slammed Kate Hudson, who is pregnant with her third child, after paparazzi took photos of her in a swimsuit while on vacation.

“Why do women in Hollywood think that everyone is interested in seeing their pregnant bodies in bikinis?” one person wrote online. “Frankly, no one is really interested in seeing a fully pregnant almost naked woman.” 

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So, which one is it? Should moms, in all of their stages of motherhood, be allowed to wear bikinis or not? Did we miss the bombshell scientific study that revealed showing a little skin and staying cool in the summer heat somehow makes someone care for her child less than if she wore full sleeves and jeans 24-7? 

Of course we didn’t, because no such study exists. Moms, please continue living your best bikini-clad lives, and don’t you dare let the haters drag you down. 

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