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Khloé Kardashian Begs Fans to Be Kind to Her ‘Pregnancy Lips’… Huh?

So, apparently, “pregnancy lips” are a thing?

Serena Williams, Beyoncé and now Khloé Kardashian have all brought the issue of puffy, preggo, hormone-packed pouts into the spotlight. The three A-lister moms are all reported to have had naturally larger lips during their pregnancies — and Kardashian’s even asking fans of the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to be kind when it comes to her famous kisser. For real.

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Khloé Kardashian says she can totally explain why her lips look larger in the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The reality star issued her own public service announcement on Instagram about the appearance of her lips in the show, shutting down rumors that she had lip work done.

“PSA I was pregnant during the entire season of KUWTK,” she remarked on Instagram about new footage from the show. “Some women get ‘pregnancy lips.’ I was one of them. So my lips look crazy and massive. Trust me I know and I HATED it!”

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Wait. Is it just us or is at least three-quarters of the Kardashian-Jenner fortune due to lip kits and lip plumpers and lip liners? This seems… well, a little ironic. Honestly, Khloé? We wouldn’t have noticed a thing had you not mentioned it. In fact, we’re still squinting at pregnancy pics of you and don’t quite see it.

“A lot of wild shit happens to your body and face while pregnant. It’s out of our control,” Kardashian added in her Instagram treatise, saying that “most people don’t have to film during an entire pregnancy… just watch the show and be kind about my growing body and lips… Pregnant women should be off limits.”

Off-limits for sure. But of course, this got us wondering: Are “pregnancy lips” a real thing? Why have we never heard of this before? 

Well, you learn something new every day: Gail Johnson, education advisor at the Royal College of Midwives, weighed in on the topic at Made for Mums:

“During pregnancy, the action of hormones means that blood vessels dilate more which can mean that the body retains more fluid in the tissues during pregnancy. This is often most common in the lower limbs, but can also happen elsewhere for example the fingers, the face and sometimes the lips,” Johnson explained.

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“The lips have good surface blood vessels network which give the lips their colour and also are sensitive due to many nerve endings,” she added. “The pregnancy hormones both increase the volume of blood circulating and relax blood vessels so they are fuller. In addition [estrogen] keeps the fullness of lips and of course this hormone is gradually increased all through the pregnancy.”

Damn! It’s real! It’s science! Fortunately, Kardashian is done with pregnancy (at least for now) and traded in her plus-size lippage for now-3-month-old baby girl True back in April. She shares True with dad Tristan Thompson, player for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, who was documented dallying with numerous women in compromising situations while Kardashian was pregnant. The couple is still together, though we’re not-so-secretly hoping Kardashian will send him the way of those pregnancy lips. 

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