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Chrissy Teigen Is Under Fire for Letting Luna Play With Poisonous Wasp

Where would some people be without celebrities like Chrissy Teigen? This thought is something I wondered this morning as I learned that the internet police have once again put the celebrity in their crosshairs. Teigen’s most recent offense? Allowing a bug to rest on her arm while vacationing in Bali while 2-year-old Luna watched. 

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It all started when Teigen tweeted a video of said bug with the caption, “time for another game of ‘what’s this bug?!’!” She must have had a hunch that this 2-inch creature could be dangerous, because she added, “I swear to god if one of you tells me this is a deadly bug I will vomit,” over the clip. 

Surprise, surprise! Many people did take the opportunity to tell Teigen that the bug in question is, indeed, quite dangerous. 

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“Tarantula Hawk Wasp! Be careful, it’s [sic] sting is like being shot apparently,” one person warned. 

Another person tweeted, “no biggie just a tarantula hawk wasp that can put your arm in a state of paralysis when stung by,” along with a pretty terrifying photo.  

According to a report by Wired, tarantula wasps rank high up there on the Schmidt sting pain index, landing in the same category as something called a bullet ant. Apparently, the three minutes of pain someone endures after being stung is so bad that all they can really do is drop to the ground and writhe in agony. Sounds like a blast! 

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However, according to a self-proclaimed bug-lover, the insect may have been a paper wasp, which “can inflict a serious sting in self-defence or when defending the nest but are usually chilled when foraging away from the nest.” 

Despite the jury still being undecided on what kind of insect this winged beast was, Teigen felt the need to clarify a few things after repeatedly being stung by… commenters. 

“Oh dear here comes the fun..okay, should I not hold potentially deadly creatures? no,” she tweeted. “Should I do it around my daughter? Super no. But it crawled on me and seemed injured and well, not angry, not scary. And I’m normally super freaked (remember house centipede??)” 

“I put it down gently and he crawled right back,” she continued. “Maybe it was my reincarnated relative. Or puddy the bulldog. Either way, everyone is okay and the world continues to turn.” 

In sum, be nice to bugs! Be nice to people online! And most of all, live your life outside the comments section. 

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