Jessie James Decker Dares to Share Breastfeeding Video on Instagram, Cue Haters

Jul 13, 2018 at 2:37 p.m. ET
Jessie James Decker Breastfeeds Instagram
Image: J. Merritt/Getty Images.

A kid's gotta eat when a kid's gotta eat, and as a mother of three, Jessie James Decker knows this fact all too well. The country crooner gave fans an inside look into the reality of motherhood on Thursday in a refreshingly real Instagram post. 

"I barely finished my workout because he started waking up, crying," she said breathlessly into the camera as she breastfed her 3-month-old son, Forrest. "It's, like, super-tough to get a good workout in with your baby trying to nap and cry." 

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James Decker, who's also mother to Vivianne Rose and Eric Thomas, noted how different her body and her workouts have been since the birth of her third child. 

"I will admit this has been the most challenging to see any progress this time around," she wrote. "Baby Number three is no joke when it comes to your body and all the changes! I'm definitely used to seeing this progress a lot faster but I'm trying to be patient. Trying to stay active and trying to eat healthy as much as I can!" 

She added that she's "not one of those women that drops weight from breast-feeding" and, while it can be frustrating, she knows that "all that matters is [Forrest's] healthy and eating well." 

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While many fans applauded James Decker for her authenticity in the comments and shared their similar experiences, there were, unfortunately, some people who couldn't get over the fact that a grown woman breastfed, one of the most natural acts, on social media. 

"I adore you but a little modesty goes a long way," one person wrote. "We get you breastfeed and that's awesome. But you can treasure that special bond without posting it for the world to see." 

Another real gem of a person compared breastfeeding to having good ol' marital sex. "Breastfeeding is normal and so is marital sex, but you dont have to post on ig having sex with your husband," the person wrote. "We can talk about things and not show the world. I had a hard time feeding after NICU, but posting your boob out to the world is too much. I would never shame someone doing it where they needed to, but this is just craving attention."

Ah, yes, the old "whip the boobs out for attention" scheme. Works every time!

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By now, we should be used to the amount of flak society gives people with breasts for nourishing babies in any public forum. But after the Trump administration essentially launched a dangerous attack on breastfeeding just this week by refusing to sign a pro-breastfeeding resolution with the United Nations (you know, in favor of supporting big formula instead), it's pretty clear that the constant social media attacks on breastfeeding parents do have potentially global consequences.