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Chrissy Teigen Says Her Family Is ‘Boring AF’ in Hilarious Message to Newborn Miles

Nothing is dull — or ordinary, for that matter — about the lives of Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend. She’s a model, chef, author and TV host who consistently spars with the White House; he’s a 10-time Grammy Award-winning singer. They ooze excellence. Still, that didn’t stop Teigen from joking that she’s “boring AF” in a cute message to her son, Miles Theodore Stephens, in honor of his due date on Thursday.

“Today was your original due date but you heard how cool we are since that’s all we talk about (how cool we are) and you wanted to see what all the fuss was about, 3 weeks early,” she captioned a sweet photo of baby Miles snoozing with his cheek resting on his tiny fist. “Well we tricked u! We are boring AF but we love you!”

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This isn’t the first time Teigen, who gave birth to Miles on May 16, has mentioned his early due date.

“Nothing fits my teenie premie 🙁 not enough stuff out there! I gotta learn to sew. miles is tired of your body shaming, society,” she tweeted on Sunday. Later, she added that he arrived three weeks early and weighed only 4.5 pounds at birth.

That’s one tiny guy! And oh, boy, is he living his best life. Scattered across Teigen’s Instagram feed are some delightful photos of Miles snuggling, sleeping, soaking in the sun and getting to know his big sister, Luna. He looks healthy and happy in each.

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But Teigen keeps it real too: Earlier this year, the then-pregnant Teigen revealed that she was prepared to experience postpartum depression after Miles’ birth.

“Do I worry about [PPD] with this little boy? I do,” she said during the Create & Cultivate conference in February. “But I also know that when it does happen — if it does — I’m so ready for it. I have the perfect people around me for it. That’s why I stand for a real core group of people around me.”

PSA: You can never really tell what someone is going through by looking at their social media posts. Teigen, who experienced PPD after her daughter’s birth, spoke to Glamour to encourage fans to destigmatize mental health issues and help others get the help they need.

“I do wish that more people had spoken up around me,” she said. “I encourage anyone who sees something around them to point it out,” she said, referring to the signs of depression.

Bottom line: If showing compassion for others and sharing honest, often hilarious depictions of family life makes Teigen “boring,” then we, too, want to join the Monotony Club, please.

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