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Leah Remini Takes Her Daughter’s Breakfast Order — Via Text Message

Actor (and Scientology whistleblower) Leah Remini shared her daughter Sofia’s recent hilarious breakfast request on Instagram — and we can so relate.

Remini’s caption: “My kid, texting me her very specific food order, the fruit… well – that was ‘an array’. Please tell me I’m not alone, does your kid text you from the next room? #gotkids #parenting#shortordercookupinhere #foryouiwill”

Remini quickly discovered she was not alone, as hundreds and hundreds of her Instagram followers responded with their own, well, array of kid-text tales.

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One commenter wrote, “Two years ago, I would have sworn that would never be our household. In fact, I still used a flip phone then, my daughter rarely used cell phone, and my son had no phone at all. Now, we’re worse than people we used to sneer at. We sometimes text one another while in the same room going about different activities.”

Others reported other tasks requested by their kids. “I get a text message from the 18 yr old boy who is in the bathroom that he needs toilet paper,” said one fan.

“My girls usually text me from their rooms to come kill a bug,” said another.

Many followers were seriously grooving on Sofia’s vocabulary: “The fact that your child used the word array is awesome!!!! Lol #parentingdoneright,” one praised Remini.

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Of course, we had plenty of haters and Judgy McJudgersons eager to respond:

“You created the situation put a stop to it now or she’ll be like that for the rest of her life. Her future husband will thank you,” griped one commenter. Seriously? “Her future husband?”

“Damn she can’t tell you that she gotta text you that???? NOTMYMOMGOALS,” another wrote.

And then, of course, there were the comments that we’re not sure exactly how to take.

“Don’t forget to serve it on a satin pillow with lemon verbena spritzing in the air and a trail of rose petals,” one commenter said (jokingly, we hope).

And this one just had to go there: “Aren’t you glad you left Scientology? You would have missed that moment with your little one.” Um, OK.

Honestly? We have no trouble with the occasional texted breakfast order from a polite kid. These days won’t last forever. And Remini’s Mother’s Day Instagram post tells us that she has a pretty wonderful bond with her daughter.

Leah captioned the post: “I have been so loved today! I received a 50 page book from my daughter that made me cry, beautiful flowers, PJ,s, my favorite breakfast sandwich from my hubby @therealangelopagan @rindermikebrought us pastries, @williamkilmartinbrought over bagels… I mean a lot of calories were consumed, but the love was everything. #soblessed #mothersday.”

You’re doing fine, Leah. Next time, text Sofia for some toast, just the way you like it.

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