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5 Things Only Moms of Twins Will Understand

Jennifer Chen

Being a parent of twins is like running a marathon you didn’t train for. Suddenly, two very cute, very small beings depend on you — at the same time. You may feel like nobody knows your struggle. But when you meet other twin parents, you form an instant connection because you recognize each other’s invisible battle scars.

As a twin mama, parenting two babies is simultaneously the best and the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had to learn on the job, and sometimes, I fail miserably. Turning to other twin mamas for support and questions has made all the difference. This list is for my fellow twin mamas who have been, done that, times two.

Single stroller envy

Double strollers are enormous. It’s like driving a truck on a sidewalk. Whenever I see a sleek single stroller, I am instantly jealous. It looks so small! So easy to maneuver! It doesn’t take up your entire trunk, either. I find myself looking at single strollers and wanting to pet them. So pretty.

Matching clothes galore

Every adult twin I’ve ever met has told me, “Please don’t dress your kids in matching clothes forever.” Everyone gives you matching outfits, matching shoes, matching toys, matching bibs. They’re cute in the beginning, but we stopped dressing our twins alike early on. With sleep deprivation, tiny very similar baby faces and a zombie-like mom brain, it’s too maddening to remember who’s who.

So many questions

Twin mamas know what I’m talking about. The moment you go into any public space — say, a playground or a grocery store — strangers instantly ask the same questions.

  1. Are they twins?
  2. Were they natural?
  3. Do twins run in your family?
  4. Who is the evil one?
  5. How do you do it?

I just want to carry a sign with my answers, so I don’t have to bother saying them yet again.

  1. No, I had these babies two years apart.
  2. They came out of my body.
  3. Nope.
  4. Depends on the day.
  5. I have no freaking clue!

Also, when you see me with two crying babies in a Costco shopping cart, please don’t ask me if they are twins. Just move out of my way.

Easy to go out with one baby

The first time I went out solo with just one baby to a doctor’s appointment, it felt like the easiest task in the world. My head wasn’t whipping around to keep an eye on two babies. I wasn’t struggling to lug two car seats that feel like they’re made out of Grand Canyon boulders into the pediatrician’s office. You tell yourself, “I can handle one baby with my eyes closed.” Then, without fail, you instantly miss your other child.

An instant bond with other twin parents or twins

Once you discover another parent of twins, it’s like finding a kindred spirit. You exchange war stories. Laugh about how every twin parent tells you it’ll get easier (and it does, somewhat). Once you’re a twin parent, you’re in a tribe with other twin parents. It’s like a secret handshake club, but your hands are always full.

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