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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Nude Pregnant Photo for Mother’s Day

Oh, Gwynnie, you gorgeous, Goop-y fertility goddess, you. You make me want to get knocked up just  so I can take some artsy nude photos of my pregnant self to whip out when I’m 90 to show my grandkids and great-grandkids — long after I’ve consciously uncoupled from my blissful sexy youth. That’s what you do to me, Gwyneth, damn it.

Gwyneth Paltrow is not currently pregnant (as far as we know), so everybody just chill. This is a throwback pic from the day she became a mother with firstborn Apple. Gwyneth posted the shot of herself on Instagram as a tribute to Mother’s Day. It features her in side profile covering her breasts with her hands looking concerned about either her water breaking or the overly intense sheen of the silk drapes.

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She captioned the photo, “Fourteen years ago on the verge of a life changing morning… To all of us, biological, adoptive, foster, spiritual, communal, all the den mothers and grand mothers and great grandmothers and great great grandmothers, all the way back, happy Mother’s Day.”

Apple is now 14, and her brother, Moses, is 12. We’d imagine they’re not too fazed by their mom’s revealing Mother’s Day Instagram offering. After all, their famous mama takes a bath every single night — and her kids often hang out in the bathroom with her while she’s relaxing. In an interview with Into the Gloss, she said, “I actually don’t shut the world out when I take a bath. Sometimes I’ll be in there soaking and my kids will come in, and we’ll have a whole chat about school or whatever.”

Paltrow, who won an Academy Award for her breakout role in Shakespeare in Love, co-parents with ex-husband Chris Martin, Coldplay frontman. It’s not always easy, she says, but for Martin and Paltrow, the kids are everything. “You have to constantly let go,” Paltrow told ET in 2016. “You have to let go of old ideas, old resentments. You have to put the kids first, which I think people have the idea of that, but then oftentimes, you struggle with it.”

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Gwyneth continued, “If you once loved the person enough to have kids with them, you have to focus on what you still love about them and what’s beautiful about them and all the good aspects of your relationship. You still want a family, you’re just not in a couple. So, I acknowledge we’ve done it in an unorthodox way but it’s working for us.”

Paltrow is engaged to TV writer Brad Falchuk, which means some conscious coupling is about to go down soon. Congrats, Gwyn, and happy belated naked Mother’s Day.

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