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Blac Chyna Is Under Fire After Putting Pink Extensions in Baby Dream’s Hair

The mom police are at it again, and this time they’re zeroing in on Blac Chyna for adding a bit of color to her daughter’s ‘do.

On Wednesday, she posted a photo of her smiling daughter, Dream, wearing pink (clip-on, mind you) extensions on Instagram. And before you could even say, “Aw, she’s adorable,” the mom-shamers came out of the woodwork to criticize Chyna’s parenting approach.

“It’s not necessary and it’s a baby. Not a doll to play with,” one person fired off in the comment section according to Us Weekly.

Another stated the obvious: that Dream is “not a toy.” Yes, true. And?

The pushback on Twitter has been similar. “This poor thing doesn’t have a chance,” someone tweeted. Another wrote, “Why would you do that to a baby? Leave the child alone.”

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That criticism seems a bit… harsh? It’s not like Chyna bleached her 17-month-old daughter’s hair or shaved off her eyebrows. All she did was put two hair clips on her baby pigtails and snap a cute keepsake photo.

We’re not sure if it’s related or not, but Chyna seems to have disabled the comments on a handful of other recent snaps of Dream. And we certainly can’t blame her.

Of course, this isn’t the first time people have blasted Chyna for posting photos of her daughter. When, shortly after Dream was born, Chyna shared a breastfeeding picture that showed the tiniest sliver of a nipple, it drew both the typical breastfeeding-shamers (who slammed the photo for being “gross” and “tasteless”) as well as commenters who implied Chyna was more interested in taking pictures than in parenting her new child. How you draw that conclusion based on one image is beyond us.

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Because celebrities are not likely to stop posting about their kids online, now’s an excellent opportunity to remind the world that shaming other parents without knowing all of the facts about their lives and parenting styles and daily routines and yada yada yada is tired and old. Besides, the more we hammer celebs and their kids, the less we’ll get to see pics of baby toes — and you don’t want to miss out on that, do you?

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