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Behati Prinsloo Criticized for Daring to Pump & Dump at Coachella

Another day, another celebrity hounded by unsolicited parenting advice from swarms of social media commenters — and this time, they’re coming for Behati Prinsloo. Like thousands of others, the supermodel and mother of two drove to the California desert last weekend to let her hair down and get her dance on at the Coachella music festival. But unlike some other concertgoers, Prinsloo dared to post a picture of herself pumping breast milk with the caption, #pumpanddump.

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“Don’t dump!!!!! Save it for a milk bath,” one person practically shouted from behind a keyboard. Others wrote that pumping and dumping is an antiquated practice and that Prinsloo should know that. Doesn’t she follow all of the mothering trends?! But wait; it gets better. One person even seemed offended that Prinsloo wasn’t rushing off to the nearest FedEx to ship off her milk.

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“Why don’t you donate instead of dumping it,” the person wrote sans question mark.

Of course, there were some breastfeeding-shamers too.

“How to turn a beautiful thing into something disgusting by ugly @behatiprinsloo,” one person wrote. “You’re so dirty poor untalented girl who needs attention.” Um, what? Really?

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OK, so here’s the thing. Alcohol does enter breast milk just as it would enter the bloodstream. However, the American Association of Pediatrics has conducted research that concludes moderate drinking (i.e., a glass of wine) shouldn’t harm a nursing baby. For mothers who don’t want to “pump and dump” but are still worried about lingering alcohol content, Dr. Thomas Hale, a La Leche League International Health Advisory Council member, told SheKnows that the best plan is to “pump and store” milk before drinking. “Alternatively, a mother can wait for the alcohol to clear from her system,” Hale added.

And ultimately, it’s up to the mother, not the onlooker, to decide what’s best for her child. If Prinsloo wants to drink a beer (or even three!) and dispose of her breast milk, that’s her prerogative.

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