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Amy Schumer May Have Changed Her Mind About Having Kids

Actor and comedian Amy Schumer shocked fans with her recent surprise wedding to Chris Fischer, a chef. Perhaps even more surprising? Schumer’s rethinking her former stance on having kids — which is to say she wasn’t planning on having any, ever. And to this possible change of heart, we say, Oh, hell yes! Seriously, can you imagine Schumer’s motherhood tweets? She’d give Chrissy Teigen and Ryan Reynolds — both hilariously funny about parenting — a run for their money on Twitter. We are all for it.

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Recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Schumer said, “Here’s the thing. I have never wanted kids. Then I saw myself as a baby on your show, and I thought, ‘Who am I to deprive the world of such a beautiful baby?’ So I think we’re going to do it, but just use my genetics.”

Schumer was referring to an earlier appearance on DeGeneres’ show in which Schumer dressed up as a baby. Just go with it.

Anyway, we think Schumer would be a terrific mom, and here’s why:

She’s already great with the worst age of kids (teenagers)

Recently, she hosted a screening of her new movie, I Feel Pretty, for a group of teens — and judging from her Instagram photos of the event, everyone had a blast.

Schumer wrote, “Had the greatest time watching @ifeelpretty with all perfectly perfect teenage girls. Thank you Sascha and Lola for hosting with me. I love every smart, kind, brave, adorable girl I met tonight. Thanks for the best night ladies  #sweatpantsrequired.”

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She loves the fam

Schumer is all about family. On April 5, she posted an adorable throwback photo of herself and her younger sister, Kim Caramele, having ice cream with their mom, and we melted like that ice cream. Schumer often works with her sister, and their bond is crazy-tight. Check out Caramele’s sweet reaction to seeing Amy in her wedding dress.

And then there’s the time Schumer and her new hubby spent Passover/Easter with a dear little old lady that fans on Instagram have assumed is Schumer’s grandmom. Look at that hand squeeze. Hell, even if it’s not her grandma, the hand squeeze alone tells us Schumer’s got her priorities in place. “Happy Easter and Passover or just happy Sunday from my fight club,” Schumer captioned the super-sweet photo.

She practically grew up in a baby furniture store in Manhattan

For realsies. Schumer’s parents owned a baby furniture shop on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called Lewis of London (so posh!). The store imported Italian baby cribs until the shop went under when Schumer was a preteen. But we have no doubt Schumer’s remembered all her high-end crib experience.

Yes, we may be a little overeager for Schumer and Fischer to get breeding. But can you blame us? She’s the voice of motherhood we’d really, really like to hear — because we already know she wouldn’t sugarcoat a thing.

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