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Claire Danes & Husband Hugh Dancy Are Expecting Baby No. 2

Queen of the ugly cry Angela Chase — I mean Claire Danes — and her husband, Hugh Dancy, have some exciting news: They’re expecting their second child.

Danes broke the news on Wednesday on The Howard Stern Show in the middle of discussing one of the her show Homeland‘s recent sex scenes.

“I am pregnant,” she said after admitting that shooting sex scenes is uncomfortable (though probably not as awkward as having to talk about them with the world’s raunchiest shock-jock. “I’m seriously preggo… I’m deep into my second trimester.”

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The little one will be the second child Danes and Dancy welcome into their family. Their 5-year-old son, Cyrus, was born in 2012. Will he be getting a little brother or a sister? Danes said she’s not planning to spill that info anytime soon.

“I’m going to keep that to myself,” she told Stern.

It’s understandable she’d want to keep it under wraps, especially after everything Kylie Jenner went through during her “secret” pregnancy (i.e., people nitpicking every photo while also speculating about who’s the “real” father — talk about exhausting). Celebrities may sign up for a life in the spotlight, but they should still be able to enjoy their pregnancy journeys on their own terms. Besides, no one wants to deal with morning sickness and the paparazzi at once — lest they wish to hurl on camera for millions to mock. That’d be a hard pass from us.

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Though Danes said she’s “been wanting another kid for a while,” she’s not about to start romanticizing motherhood. In a 2014 interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.K., she admitted that mom life was far less glamorous than the headlines make it out to seem.

“Being a mum is incredibly challenging, but we still feel a pressure to talk about it in very romantic terms. And it’s not just that,” she said. “We all have that resentment at times and anxiety about being trapped by the role, that responsibility. And then chemically it can run riot. And there’s no ‘off’ button. That was the hardest adjustment. You always feel beholden to somebody. And for so long [kids are] like koala bears; you just feel a physical responsibility to be there for them to cling to. It’s pretty primal.”

Bring on koala No, 2, Claire. We can’t wait.

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