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This $700-Per-Night Singapore Hotel Suite Is the Stuff of Kids’ Dreams

Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore is well on its way to earning five-star reviews from guests of all ages. The luxury hotel has completely remodeled its ninth floor with themed family suites that are the stuff of kids’ dreams (and the dreams of those of us who are young at heart to be honest).

For a cool $700 per night, families can shack up in suites that feature the hotel’s luxury rooms for parents, which are connected to kids rooms that are out of this world. Kids can choose from five different themes: castle, space, underwater, safari and treetop.

Shangri-La Hotel Safari Room
Image: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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Kids in the treetop suite climb up a ladder in order to get some shut-eye in a real tree house (this one just happens to be indoors, but you get the idea). If they opt to stay in the underwater suite, they’ll sleep in submarine-shaped beds.

Treehouse suite shangri-la hotel signapore
Image: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Submarine suite Hotel Shangri-La Singapore
Image: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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We predict kids will go absolutely bananas over these amazing rooms, but so will parents (or at least their wallets will). But the best part for parents? The hotel provides families with all the necessities that are a serious drag to pack — strollers, car seats, bath toys, bibs and travel cots.

You may be thinking it’ll be hard to pry kids away from their dream rooms, but just wait until they hear what else the hotel has to offer: The ninth floor is home to a number of activity rooms for kids, such as a music studio, an art studio and a cooking classroom where budding chefs can take classes with their parents. And if you head outdoors, the little ones can play in a massive swimming pool (complete with a wading area and jet fountains).

Shangri-La Hotel Pool
Image: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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Yep. That’s a five-star water park up there. And just in case that weren’t enough, kids can also frolic in a pirate ship-inspired play space — and parents should certainly feel free to join in.

Anybody want to lend us $700 times seven?

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