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John Legend & Daughter Luna Dance Together, We Die

What? Me, Jealous of singer John Legend and model/cookbook author Chrissy Teigen’s daughter Luna who’s growing up in a perfect heavenly angel-food-cake-scented bubble of unconditional love and parental affection? No way. Come on, now. I’m a grown-ass, independent adult woman. And I’ve done just fine in the world without a dad who danced with me before bedtime or let me style his hair or, you know, smiled at me the way John Legend smiles at his daughter. I’m just fine, I’m just… *dissolves into several hours of wretched sobbing, dials therapist*

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Fine. Damn it to hell, there they go again being the happiest family I have ever witnessed on planet Earth. Go on. Just watch this video of John Legend dancing with Luna to one of his songs. Just listen to her teensy voice saying, “My dada.” And then saying what Legend thinks is “dancing.” But I’m pretty sure Luna is saying, “Dada singing.” Go on. I’ll wait.

Teigen often shares sweet videos and photos of life with Luna, almost 2, and Legend on Instagram, and her followers can’t ever get enough. (Yes, I’m a follower. I admit it. This is my form of self-care.) Fans loved the daddy-daughter dance, saying things like, “My heart just exploded into a million pieces” and “I can’t with this!!! Too cute for words!!!” and my personal favorite, “damn right I cried.”

I can’t with this either. And yet somehow, I still can. Over and over.

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Check out this one posted two days ago by Teigen of the whole family en route to a museum. And I dare you not to get all the feels when John Legend says, “Hiiiiii,” to his lovely wife.

This family — and all that love — is only getting bigger: Luna’s baby brother is on the way soon, and we’re wondering how she’s going to handle sharing all those snuggles with an interloper. Everybody knows newborns are terrible at playing kitchen barbershop.

John Legend using his manners — “please” and “thank you” — while guided by Luna is almost too much sweetness to bear, but we’re willing to keep on bearing it, so please don’t stop sharing, Chrissy.

We’re guessing this big sister thing might be a rough transition for Luna. I mean, I wouldn’t want to share John Legend or Chrissy Teigen with anybody either, frankly. But we’re thinking they’ll figure it all out — there’s definitely more than enough love here to go around.

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