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Brittany Kerr Aldean Opens Up About IVF Heartbreak & Considering Surrogacy

Makeup artist and lifestyle blogger Brittany Kerr Aldean and her husband, country star Jason Aldean, struggled to have a family before the arrival of their son, Memphis, who was born on Dec. 1. The couple turned to in vitro fertilization, which was ultimately successful. Check out this cutie pie.

Kerr Aldean captioned the Instagram pic, “HAPPY 4 MONTHS to the most handsome baby in the world. Your dimples, chunkiness and little temper crack me up every single day… and you could not be more perfect in my eyes. I love you with every ounce of me. My boy.”

Kerr Aldean recently spoke about her long journey to motherhood on an episode of the Babes and Babies podcast, hosted by The Bachelor‘s Jade Roper, Carly Waddell and Elizabeth Sandoz.

“It was such a roller coaster and I ended up, through it all, having endometriosis,” Kerr Aldean said. “After a year and a half of trying, they’re finally like, ‘We think you might have endometriosis.’ I’m like, ‘Uh… after all that — Are you kidding me?’”

Kerr Aldean had to have a laparoscopy to assess her for endometriosis or cysts. “I had stage 2 out of stage 4 [severity],” Kerr Aldean said. “So they got rid of that, and then I ended up getting pregnant [through IVF].”

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But the IVF was no picnic for Kerr Aldean. “The IVF was probably harder than the actual pregnancy for me because it was just such a roller coaster and so difficult,” she said. “It’s such high highs and such low lows, and no one really knows that you’re going through it all, so you have to just put on a game face and pretend that you’re not giving yourself shots in your stomach every day, all day.”

Kerr Aldean said the IVF waiting game could be devastating. “We would do a transfer, which is basically where they would implant an embryo, and then it wouldn’t take. So for a 10-day period, [you] think, ‘Oh, I think I might be pregnant,’” she said. “They give you a blood test at the end of the 10-day period and you’re not.”

Amazingly, the couple’s very last embryo would turn out to be Memphis. But the Aldeans were on the verge of despair. “In your mind, it’s almost as though you’ve had a little bit of a miscarriage because you expect to be pregnant and then you’re not,” she explained. “And that happened to us multiple times. So then when we finally ended up getting pregnant, it was the most exciting thing ever because we had tried for so long.”

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The Aldeans had considered hiring a surrogate before Memphis’ embryo was successfully implanted in Kerr Aldean. “We were thinking about all the options, which is sad because you want to be able to carry your own child, but then you’re thinking, ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I? Why is it not implanting? I don’t understand,’” she said.

Fortunately, Memphis arrived safe and sound — and the couple is already thinking about trying for another child together. Jason Aldean is also a father to two daughters from a previous marriage: Keeley, 14, and Kendyl, 10, but Memphis is Kerr Aldean’s first.

“We want probably just one more because [Jason] has two children already, and then we had him, so I feel like four is a lot,” Kerr Aldean explained of their family situation. “But I want to try again just so that Memphis has a friend that’s close to his age. The sooner the better. You’re already doing the diaper thing; you’re already doing everything. Why don’t we just knock it out instead of getting out of that time frame and then having to start all over again?”

You go, Brittany. Best of luck in “knocking it out” and everything that comes with it.

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