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Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Hit Up Target, Are All of Us

How come when we go to Target, all we wind up with is a $230 tab — and a cartful of desk lamps and bathroom rugs and dog beds and Star Wars undies, none of which we had planned to purchase? Some lucky Los Angeles Target shoppers, on the other hand, scored waaaay bigger this weekend when they spotted none other than Beyoncé and Blue Ivy strolling the aisles of the popular store. Wait, could Beyoncé behuman after all?

A Target employee/fan’s sneak photo of Bey and Blue has gone viral — no shocker there. Ana works at the LA Target (she was on a break, she wants people to know) and tweeted a pic of the famous mama-daughter duo. The shot also features another woman (maybe an assistant?).

“Sooooooo I saw Beyoncé at work today…” Ana captioned the picture. Beyoncé was rocking sunglasses, as ever, along with a polka-dot top and some fuzzy red heels. (What, like you don’t shop Target in fuzzy red heels.)

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So, what was our fave demigoddess (and mini-demigoddess) shopping for, exactly? Well, on close inspection, the cart seems to be full of Easter items: namely, eggs and candy. Legit.

We fell in love with Ana, who also tweeted a video clip of herself can’t-even-ing: “Guys, I’m freaking out,” she stage-whispers. “Beyoncé is in the store. Beyoncé! That’s Beyoncé!” Ana, we’re right there with you.

Ana chatted with Romper via a Twitter DM about the Bey event. “No one was able to approach her,” Ana said. She said there were bodyguards preventing Beyoncé from rubbing shoulders with the serfs of Target. “But she did approach some of my coworkers to ask where things were and she was very friendly,” Ana added.
Ana also said Jay-Z and Blue Ivy had been in the same store just about two weeks ago, but she and her coworkers weren’t able to get any photos. And Beyoncé had been spotted at a Target before too. Just never our own local target stores. Damn it. We never see unicorns, either. But we did just buy a totally unnecessary unicorn coffee mug at Target, so…

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