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Luna Shades Mom Chrissy Teigen, Queen of Shade, at Disney

We’re still waiting for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to adopt us, but in the meantime, we console ourselves with frequent visits to their Instagram feeds and pretend we’re their ridiculously cute daughter Luna. Teigen (pregnant) and Legend (not pregnant) took Luna to Hong Kong’s Disneyland — and Luna was resplendent as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

“My belle,” Teigen captioned the post.

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Legend posted a shot of Luna and himself wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

And rides. There were rides. Please adopt us, Chrissy and John. We look cute in Belle dresses too.

Teigen also included a video detailing Luna’s ultimate dealings of shade: Luna, who is not into hugging her mom, happily accepted a hug from… Minnie Mouse. Ouch! “She lets me hug her once a week,” wrote Teigen. The shadiest!

Pro tip to Luna: Hug your mama now, kid, before she’s wearing a newborn for three months straight.

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Teigen and Legend and Luna are all clearly having a blast on the road while they wait for the arrival of Luna’s new baby brother. But it’s also a melancholy time for Teigen, whose beloved canine, Puddy, died this week. Teigen posted a very sweet video of her husband chuckling and floor-sit-dancing (there really should be a word for this) with one of Luna’s toys while it sings “The Wheels on the Bus.” Teigen’s caption? “Eyes still puffy from puddy tears but they keep me happy.” The “they” in question is of course her husband and her daughter (even with a scarcity of Luna hugs).

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