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Katie Holmes Envies Other Moms on Social Media, Is All of Us

Social media envy is real, and not even stars like Katie Holmes can avoid it. Holmes — who, it’s worth noting, frequently travels to destinations such as Italy and the Bahamas for both work and play — admitted during an interview with Women’s Health that she sometimes feels parenting-travel FOMO when she thumbs through her friends’ pics on Instagram.

“Like, that one has taken her child to Morocco, why haven’t I taken my child to Morocco?” she explained.

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Girl, we get it. As much as we love gawking at the most Instagrammable spots around the world, viewing those pictures feels different when you know the person behind the camera. It’s hard not to get a little jealous. Why couldn’t I take my kids on that vacation? Am I doing enough to teach my children about other cultures? Is so-and-so a better parent than I am?

These insecurities aren’t just tied to travel, either. It’s far too easy to compare ourselves, parents or otherwise, to others on social media — the way our homes look, the way our dinners look, the way our outfits look… the list goes on. But you (yes, you, dear reader, but also you, Katie Holmes) have got to remind yourself that these photos show just that: the way things look. They don’t show the reality behind that appearance.

Holmes also told the publication her favorite way to break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life (and daily internet) is to read. But don’t expect her to reach for a tablet. “I feel closer to an author when I’m holding a book,” she said.

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And Holmes isn’t only nostalgic about print culture; she added that she spends more time reflecting on her childhood relationship with her mom now that she’s a mom herself.

“I feel really lucky because my mom is so creative, and she’s such an artist,” Holmes said. “I mean, she makes all of the curtains, she makes all the pillows. She made me a homemade sweater. She knows how to do everything. And it’s all, like, just wrapped in love. Growing up I kind of took it for granted, but as I’ve gotten older, see the poetry in that.”

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Though she may not be into knitting, Holmes is certainly an artist — and her acting and directing will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for daughter Suri’s own creative future. Maybe the Instagram envy will skip a generation, though.

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