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Britney Spears’ Child Support Battle Has Reportedly Taken a Dramatic Turn

Britney Spears recently completed a successful residency in Las Vegas to the tune of over $137 million, but all is not well between the pop star and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Apparently, a “source” spilled the tea to Us Weekly, telling the outlet that Federline has requested an increase to the (wait for it) $20,000 per month he currently receives from Spears in child support.

“[Federline] could have threatened to cut off access to the kids, but has not,” the source said, referencing the period of time in which Federline had full custody of their two sons while Spears sought treatment for mental health problems.

Now that Spears is in good health, she and Federline share joint custody of 12-year-old Sean Preston and 11-year-old Jayden James.

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“She’s angry Kevin is asking for more money, because she pays for everything,” the source added. “Those boys are her world. She is an amazing mother… Yes, she has her career. But her job as their mom is the most important role in her life.”

Meanwhile, Federline reportedly claims Spears’ comeback is largely due to the fact that the boys are back in her custody. We’re curious for an explanation of how he reached this conclusion, but it looks like that mystery will be one for the ages.

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Also according to said mystery source, Spears believes her monthly $20,000 child support check is being used to cover the expenses of Federline’s four (did you know about this? We did not know about this) other children from a previous relationship. Both Spears and her dad, Jamie, plan to fight this demand every step of the way — and Jamie has assured his daughter he won’t allow her to be taken advantage of. Way to go, Pops.

Well, if all these reports are to be believed, it’s looking like Spears’ drama days may not be quite over yet. But hey, she’s stronger than yesterday.

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