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Stormi’s 1-Month Birthday Pic With Mom Kylie Jenner Is Adorable

Jennifer Mattern

Cosmetics mogul and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner may have been radio silent during her pregnancy, but the new mom has been happily sharing pics and footage (aka baby toe pics, get it???) of her new daughter, Stormi. In honor of Stormi’s 1-month birthday (which is a thing to celebrate, as many new moms will be happy to tell you), Jenner posted a few pics of her and kiddo to Instagram on March 1.

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Jenner captioned the pics, “My angel baby is 1 month old today.” Jenner holds Stormi in front of a white door in the first pic — and you can’t see much of Stormi. But the second photo shows Stormi in profile, rocking a snuggly animal-ear onesie (what is it with Kardashians and animal ears?).

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New papa, rapper Travis Scott, also shared a pic of his daughter — well, of Stormi’s sweater, emblazoned with the word “Daddy.” He posted over on Snapchat, saying, “My lil mama 1 month today… Her favorite [parental] unit of course.” Scott seems pretty happy about his new role as dad, having recently gifted Jenner with a Ferrari as a push present. We can’t make this stuff up, as we keep telling you.

You might have noticed Jenner has been rocking a ring on that finger lately, but apparently, she and Scott are not married. Or engaged. One of the endless stream of Kardashian “sources” told Us Weekly that Jenner is in no hurry to get hitched. “Kylie is doing great and is just so happy… Engagement isn’t super important to Kylie. Travis could ask her, but it’s not something that is a major priority. She is just loving starting a family with this person,” the source said in February.

We can’t lie. We love these glimpses into the life of Stormi — and Jenner. Maybe soon we’ll even get an up-close pic of the kid.

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