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5 Volunteer Opps for You & Your Daughter Over Spring Break

There’s never enough time to bond with your daughter, and that becomes truer and truer the older she gets. But with spring break coming up, her schedule just might be wide open, making this an ideal moment to plan some quality time. Our recommendation? Volunteer together.

Volunteering is a free and simple way to shake up your day-to-day routine and create a memorable experience. One brand that’s all about fostering positive values like volunteering and philanthropy in girls is the tween clothing brand Justice.

We teamed up with Justice, whose mission is “Live Justice,” to find five volunteer opportunities that allow girls to live out its mission-based values this spring break, and then we paired each activity with a piece from Justice’s spring collection. From tending gardens to visiting nursing homes, our list has something you and your daughter will love.

Garden at a Local Park

If you want to get creative outdoors, see if your local park has any gardening opportunities or other beautification projects for volunteers. Cities like Sacramento, California, and New Orleans, Louisiana, offer gardening opportunities like weeding, mulching and trimming in city parks, where kids can work hard, get dirty and feel proud.

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Image: Justice

Serve Lunch at a Food Bank

In the U.S., more than 1 in 6 people face hunger, and more than 1 in 5 children are at risk of hunger. Volunteering at your local food bank or a national organization like St. Mary’s helps kids understand their good fortune and feel like they’re not only spreading positivity but also providing real solutions.

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Image: Justice

Become Running Coaches

Does your daughter love to run? Volunteer as a coach or running buddy with Girls on the Run, an organization Justice has partnered with. You two can get active while improving the lives of other girls.

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Image: Justice

Visit a Nursing Home

Make plans to visit a nearby nursing home. Whether you’re there to chat with residents, do an activity together or assist staff, it’s a great way for your daughter to connect with an older generation and help the local community.

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Image: Justice

Organize a Community Event

If you can’t find the perfect activity, why not start it yourself? Organizing a community event will allow your daughter to connect to her community and prove she can do anything. Organize a clothing drive together or a host block party to raise money for charity. She can always recruit some friends to join in and share time with those who matter most.

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Image: Justice

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