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Chrissy Teigen Fights Trolls, Prepares for Potential Postpartum Depression

Lip Sync Battle cohost, model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is busily preparing for the arrival of her baby boy, but that won’t stop her from taking down a troll or two in the meantime. Yesterday, Teigen’s husband, singer John Legend, posted to Instagram a super-sweet picture of himself toting their daughter Luna, 22 months, on his hip.

And the world is just horrible enough to include someone who could find something wrong with that photo. “So tired of seeing them carrying her. She needs no legs then,” said the truly miserable Instagrammer @queenhollandmeissner.

Other commenters rushed to defend Legend. “John is a good dad. At least he’s bonding with his child. Nothing wrong with carrying her,” said one.

“Toddlers: Not famous for walking as the crow flies in a brisk fashion. When you’re in a hurry you pick ’em up! She’s a beauty,” said another.

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But it was Teigen’s swift reply that brought the Instagram house down:

“Are you so tired of it? Does it make you so sad and upset 🙁 we are so sorry to make you, queen holland meissner of the universe sad and upset. what can we do for you to make it better, sweet angel,” Teigen responded.

Chrissy Teigen definitely suffers no fools — and fears no trolls. But she is human, and she admitted last week that she’s anxious about the possibility of going through another period of postpartum depression. On Saturday, Teigen was chatting with her friend, celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin (who’s responsible for Kim Kardashian West’s perfect mane) at the Create & Cultivate conference in Los Angeles.

During a Q&A, Teigen told Atkin she’s aware she’s at risk for a return of the postpartum depression she endured after Luna’s birth. “Do I worry about it with this little boy? I do. But I also know that when it does happen — if it does — I’m so ready for it. I have the perfect people around me for it. That’s why I stand for a real core group of people around me.”

Hear that, internet trolls? Don’t mess with Teigen’s peeps.

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Teigen talked with Atkin about her initial PPD battle and how she was unaware of its seriousness. “I had just had Luna. I knew I had an incredible life and husband and family and all the resources necessary. I knew that I was personally unhappy, but I didn’t think that anything was wrong with it because I just assumed that that’s the way it goes,” she said. “You have a kid, you’re sad, you lose those endorphins and that’s the way it is.”

But Teigen admitted to Glamour in April 2017 that she wished someone had talked to her about postpartum depression before and after Luna’s birth. “I do wish that more people had spoken up around me. I encourage anyone who sees something around them to point it out,” she said. “It took me to finally sit myself down because I think it’s hard for people to point something out.”

Teigen is prepared to do battle again — be it lip synch, PPD or trolls. Take notice, world. This is one mama who is ready for you.

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