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Rachel McAdams Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her First Child

You guys. Regina George — I mean, Rachel McAdams — is reportedly pregnant. Get in, loser, we’re going onesie shopping!

Though the actor has yet to confirm the news, E! News reports that multiple sources have come forward to say McAdams and her boyfriend, screenwriter Jamie Linden, are on their way to becoming first-time parents. Yep, “multiple sources.” That’s all we’ve got, folks. That and the fact that McAdams was spotted at the airport wearing a baggy jacket. It’s amazing the outfits that fuel the preggo rumor mill these days (answer: every outfit).

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According to Us Weekly, McAdams and Linden have been an item since 2016, just months after fans speculated McAdams had been dating her former True Detective costar, Taylor Kitsch.

Should the rumors be true, it would seem McAdams took a play from Kylie Jenner’s playbook in opting to keep her pregnancy on the down-low. The youngest KardashaJenner recently welcomed daughter Stormi Webster with boyfriend Travis Scott after taking a nine-month hiatus from life in the public eye.

Honestly, who could blame a celeb gal — or any gal — for wanting to take a breather out of the spotlight, pregnancy or no pregnancy? It’s got to be exhausting having people pick apart your every move, let alone never being able to go to the grocery store for a late-night ice cream run without the entire world knowing.

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But McAdams’ absence from the media as of late could well have more to do with her mental health than any reported pregnancy.

I have a little bit of social anxiety,” she recently told Yahoo7’s Be while promoting her new comedy, Game Night. “So, going to a party and talking to a bunch of strangers makes me want to stay home forever.”

While we respect McAdams’ desire for privacy any time she wants, we’ll admit the thought of never seeing her rock a maternity dress is a little disappointing. But we’ll live. And lucky for us, McAdams was “pregnant” in the film About Time, so we have proof she’d be just as adorable as we imagined.

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