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Kate Middleton Is Living Her Best Pregnant Life With This Tattoo-Hard Hat Combo

When I think of hard hats, “stylish” isn’t generally the first word that comes to mind. Well, leave it to the Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, to prove me wrong. Kate, whose third child is due in April, donned a hard hat during a visit to Sunderland today. She didn’t wear the hat to make a fashion statement (although she somehow managed to do just that because she’s Kate). The hats were necessary when she and Prince William visited the construction site of the Northern Spire, a bridge that’s even taller than Big Ben.

Look at these two in in their matching construction outfits! Prince William still manages to look dapper, but he can’t compete with his wife in the style department.

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But wait! There’s more. During the royal couple’s busy day in Sunderland, Kate also got some new body art from a local artist: a henna tattoo. And before the naysayers come a-running, note that henna is solely derived from plants and contains no chemicals — and is thus preggo-safe.

The artist, 18-year-old Shajida Begum asked Kate if she’d prefer a specific design, to which the Duchess of Cambridge responded, “Yes, if you don’t mind,” according to People. Kate opted for a flower design on her hand. She also requested a pack of bindis to bring home for her daughter Princess Charlotte — and I’m going to make an educated guess that Charlotte will rock those bindis like nobody’s business.

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Pregnancy certainly hasn’t slowed Kate down. Over the past few weeks, she and Prince William have played bandy hockey in Sweden and spent time at a Norwegian ski jump.

Thanks to what People dubbed “the Kate Middleton Effect” in 2016, clothing and accessories worn by the Duchess of Cambridge sell out in the blink of an eye — particularly because her wardrobe is a mix of high-end fashion designers and more affordable brands like Banana Republic, Zara, Topshop and Superga. So don’t be surprised if hard hats turn into one of spring’s hottest trends. You read it here first.

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