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Pregnant Belly ‘Face’ Masks: Brilliant or Bogus?

What’s this now? A “belly facial”? Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Allure discovered that Hatch Mama is selling a “face mask” for pregnant bellies. According to the creator, the Hatch Mama Belly Mask minimizes those mean old stretch marks and even allegedly softens taut, inflamed scar tissue after delivery.

I’m not sure if they mean C-section scar tissue or what, but I guess I’m intrigued.

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The belly mask material is the same hydrating, soothing stuff used in so many of those slightly spooky K-beauty face masks that look like a creepy second skin (or like you’re ready for The Purge): aloe vera to reduce inflammation as well as propolis to rebuild damaged skin cells. Supposedly, belly masks help your skin stay soft and supple during pregnancy — and help return your belly to fighting shape after delivery as it’s shrinking/healing.

Does it work? Who knows? Does it feel nice? Probably, and we’re not going to argue with a pregnant or postpartum woman in need of some extra TLC, so hey, belly mask it up, gals. You can scoop up a few masks on the Hatch Mama website. Try the Stretch Mark Minimizing Sheet Mask for $12 each or four for $42.

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Just beware that there are no reviews yet on the site, so there’s really no indication of whether people feel like these belly masks are working for them. And we’re a wee bit skeptical that a “facial” mask could take down a serious stretch mark — or 15. (Those things didn’t get the nickname “tiger stripes” for nothing.) But who knows? The belly mask is a pretty new product, and the brand is legit — and has been catering to luxe-loving pregnant women for some time, what with maternity clothing (including cute jumpsuits and jazzy swing dresses); an array of belly, nipple and lip balms; and creamy treats for swollen feet and toes. Hatch also offers essential oil blends that purport to promote relaxation and soothe nausea.

I guess we just have to try it for ourselves, right? Any preggo volunteers?

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