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Amber Rose’s Son Has a New Hairdo — Haters Say She’s Trying to ‘Turn Him Gay’

In today’s edition of “Celebrities Being Trolled for Their Parenting Choices,” internet haters are after Amber Rose because she (*gasp*) dyed her son Sebastian’s hair blond. But they’re not just balking at the fashion choice — oh, no. These haters somehow think Rose is trying to “turn” her young son gay. With hair dye. Yep.

In addition to shutting up and/or learning some basic etiquette, these people would definitely benefit from the knowledge that a) you don’t “turn” gay or straight or otherwise and b) a person’s sexuality isn’t taught by their parents or anyone else. (Do you want to tell them or should I?)

Rose posted the adorable photo of Sebastian‘s new ‘do on Sunday — and immediately received a barrage of criticism, ranging from unsolicited parenting advice about hair dye to downright homophobic comments.

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“He funna turn gay,” wrote one commenter, followed by another saying, “She gonna turn him gay he don’t know nothing else smh.”

“So sad you got yo son out here looking gay asf and bogus,” added another.

“Why are you teaching this kid gay life at a young age?” asked one troll. Yep, gay life, folks! As “taught” by hair dye.

In a follow-up post, Rose responded to said troll in the best way possible — and provided some advice to parents that’s actually useful.

“Lol he begged me for a whole year to dye his hair blonde like mine so we started with a little patch and I told him when he turns 5 I will make him a full blonde like his mommy,” Rose wrote. “He will be 5 on the 21st of February! He’s so happy and none of you dirty little trolls can take that away from him or me! P.S Love your children unconditionally and let them be creative this world will be a better place.”


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Bottom line? Sebastian looks completely happy, healthy and loved. And hey, if he turns out to be gay, he’ll still be all those things. In a world where millions of children are neglected and abused, perhaps these trolls should direct their concern toward kids who are actually at risk. Just a friendly suggestion.

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