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Kim Kardashian West Shamed for Underwear Pic Taken by Her Daughter

If the trolls of internet would harness all their indignation and rage and put it to use feeding the homeless or checking in on the elderly or finding a cure to cancer, hey, we might just get somewhere as a society. But no such luck — said trolls are instead dedicated to tearing down celeb moms whenever they get the chance. Kim Kardashian West is their target of the week (and so many other weeks TBH). What did Kardashian West do this time? Well, the mother of three posted a semi-undressed pic of herself — that her daughter, North, had taken. In the photo, Kardashian West’s bra is unhooked, and people have feelings about it. *Gasp!* Can you imagine? Unhooking your bra in front of your own child?

Actually, yes. Yes we can, because that is real life with three kids, and there’s nothing sexy or inappropriate about it. Moms change in front of their kids all the time. Still, people are losing it over this shot. Kardashian West posting seminude, racy pics of herself is nothing new, but the fact that North took this photo is — apparently — just too much for many to handle.
The caption: “by North.” That’s it. The morality police of the internet went wild.

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“Jesus Kim you’ve really stooped now haven’t you. Smh. The last thing your daughter should be taking pictures of is you taking your bra off. Way to teach em young.”

Another joked, “North do mom a favor and take my picture but first let me undo my bra!”

The fact is we absolutely live in a universe where kids snap pictures with camera phones. So, staged or candid, this pic is really just another shot of Kardashian West being Kardashian West — and being proud and happy in her own skin. North’s seen it all before.

Some of the most vehement comments came from men, like this guy, pulling the “father with a daughter” card:

“This is extremely inappropriate and distasteful. It sets a horrible example for her daughter and it’s actually quite sad. I could never in a million years imagine a reason why your four year old would need to take this picture of you. You’re surrounded by people constantly, do you mean there was no one else more suitable to take the picture than an easily influenced four year old girl? As a father with a daughter of his own, I would be absolutely outraged if my wife did this.”

Someone else simply commented, “Someone needs to call child protective services before it’s too late.” Um, overreaction much?

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There were defenders, of course. “You’re more than welcome to either like the picture or move on to the next picture. It doesn’t require your opinion about what she decides to do with HER BODY. People these days feel the need comment on every single thing, you don’t own her body. Hence forth you don’t have the right to judge what she does with it, she’s posting the picture to celebrate her body and to share it with world not to get parenting advice or negative comments. Negative comments come from people that have nothing better to do with their lives.” Right on.

One follower commented, “Cute pic… idk why people are freaking out seriously. I wish I looked half this good when my kids take my picture.”
And another remarked, “Honestly everyone commenting on how Kim is a bad mom is ridiculous. Learn how to raise your own kids & if you hate Kim K all that much than unfollow her but I know you guys won’t because you thrive off of hating her for no reason. For all you know, North took this picture accidentally & Kim thought it was funny to post. Kim is a grown woman & if she’s comfortable with her body then who to are you to judge her?”
Internet, stop being so predictable. Lay off people with kids who are in the public eye — or while you’re at it, just lay off all us parents, OK? Believe it not, celeb moms are doing the best they can just like us. Even if their best includes stylish behind-the-scenes fashion photography by their 4-year-old.

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