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Blue Ivy Shushing Beyoncé & Jay-Z at the Grammys Is Everything

Blue Ivy is the boss of the world in training. She’s starting with her parents, naturally, but she’ll get to the rest of us eventually, so behave.

You know how it is when you’re a kid: Your parents have had a few too many beers at the neighborhood BBQ, and you’re all, “OMG, you guys. Can you stop being so embarrassing?”

Except in Blue Ivy’s case, it’s when your parents are Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and they’re getting too rowdy and clapping too loud right in your damn ear at the 2018 Grammys when you’re trying to concentrate and find Bruno Mars in the crowd because you need his autograph, like, yesterday.
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Yes, the Knowles-Carters were present last night, Sunday, Jan. 28, at the 2018 Grammy Awards in New York City. Twins Rumi and Sir stayed home, but big sis Blue Ivy, 6, shut down music demigods Beyoncé and Jay-Z for applauding too much during Camila Cabello’s poignant speech. The footage of Blue Ivy lifting her hand and motioning to both parents to take it down a notch lit up the internet last night. The kid is too much.

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Twitter was downright tickled. We can’t get enough of the trending #BlueIvy threads this morning.

God, we love Twitter. Blue Ivy telling her parents to quit being so extra is a GIF we predict will stick around for a good, long time. It’s GIF gold. Not to mention all the memes that will (hopefully) spring from it.

Blue Ivy is hip-hop royalty, and she ain’t afraid to bust out some princess moves when necessary. Plus, she often has Sir and Rumi squalling in her ear at all times of night and day — and then her parents drag her to the loudest award show on the planet on top of it? It’s not easy being Blue Ivy, but damn, she is fun to watch.
Get some rest, kid. You’ve got a planet to take over in a few years.

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