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Did Kim Kardashian West Just Drop the Highly Anticipated Baby Name?

The newest addition to the Kardashian krew is finally here, and though she’s only a few days old, she may be the most extra baby ever to grace this planet. Since parents Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West welcomed their little girl into the world via surrogate this week, everyone from our social media-obsessed aunts to Chrissy Teigen is dying to know what the couple will name her. Well, buckle up, because the mother of three may have teased a strong clue on her Instagram account.

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On Wednesday, Kardashian West posted a close-up photo of a leather Louis Vuitton bag covered in the brand’s signature logo. While yes, she could simply be showing off one piece of her undoubtedly large LV collection, HelloGiggles points out that fans think the photo could be much more significant — as in, it could be a hint about Baby No. 3’s name. (If you’re saying to yourself, “Wait… really? Come on,” you’re not alone.)

Let’s put on our Sherlock Holmes caps and take a second to piece together the evidence. First of all, Kanye West has a documented love of Louis Vuitton dating back to at least 2004. Remember the song “Last Call” from College Dropout? No joke, West called himself “Kan, the Louis Vuitton Don.” Urban Dictionary notes that the self-granted nickname persisted over the years, with West including it in “Stronger” and “Celebration.” But as a few Twitter users have noted, a reference to the designer brand can also be found in “Gold Digger,” in which West raps, “With a baby Louis Vuitton under her underarm.”

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West has also designed a collection of sneakers for the company in the past, so there’s yet another reason he may want to pay homage to the brand. Fans, of course, have a lot to say.

Now, the Kardashians are too unique to copy a brand name outright, but maybe they could riff off it and come up with something adorable? “Louise,” “Louie” or “Elle Vee”? Who knows?

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Of course, this Instagram post, along with one of the Kardashian-West family’s Louis Vuitton-covered trash cans, could be — dare we say is likely to be? — about something else entirely. For example, on Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Kim Jones, an artistic designer tasked with leading menswear, would be exiting the company. Could these posts indicate West might be taking his career in fashion to a new level?

Guess we’ll have to keep following the breadcrumbs to find out.

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