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Anna Faris Reveals Her Top 2 Celeb Mom Crushes — & We Agree

Can we just change #MCM to mean #MomCrushMonday? All in favor? After all, motherhood isn’t a solo sport. It definitely requires a tribe — for inspiration’s and sanity’s sake. And Mom star Anna Faris says she’s found that tribe in fellow mamas Kristen Bell and Reese Witherspoon.

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“I like how they combine humor with raising kids, but also how they tackle motherhood and work without being pretentious,” Faris told Us Weekly. “The first few years, I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Everyone else seems to know exactly what to do and I don’t.’” 

Faris said she’s grateful for Witherspoon and Bell’s keep-it-real parenting style and their willingness to be candid about their mistakes. Faris admits she’s still figuring things out. “I question every single thing, like, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have changed lanes,’ or ‘Why don’t I have hand sanitizer?’ and ‘I should have applied more sunblock,’” she told the magazine. “There’s just so much pressure for parents and it’s tough to let yourself off the hook and be like, ‘You know what? He’s happy. It’s OK.”

Faris and ex-husband (*sob*) Chris Pratt share son Jack, who’s now 5. Fans were devastated by news of the divorce, but by all accounts, Faris and Pratt remain friends and are committed to co-parenting their son in peace. Faris told Extra recently that she and Pratt believe co-parenting is “hugely important.”

“We are great and there’s so much friendship and love, and we surround Jack with love, and funny, kind, happy people, and as a result, he is really happy,” she said. Sounds like Faris — who’s recently thrown herself into her podcast, Unqualified — is doing great and doesn’t need all that help from Bell and Witherspoon at all. Still, we’re glad she’s got a support system in place for those mom days when it feels like there’s not enough pizza — or merlot — in the world.

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Faris rarely posts personal pics of her son on Instagram — in fact, the last time she did was September 2015 in this adorable on-the-way-to-the-airport shot.

She admits that things are easier now that Jack is 5. She told Us, “I just get such a kick out of him now. He does weird things. The other day we were at a restaurant and he ate five balls of butter just by himself. My friends were a little bit horrified… but it was just one of those funny things where I was thinking, That’s my kid! He’s hysterical!

Well, with a funny mom like Faris, it’s no wonder Jack’s already ramping up the humor. Anna, you’d make our #MomCrushMonday list any day.

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