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Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova Surprise World With Photos of Newborn Twins

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova pulled a fast one on all of us — if nine months can be considered fast, that is. The couple of 16 years (who knew??) was rumored to have welcomed twins in December, but their recent social media posts confirm the happy news — with photos so sweet, your teeth may fall out. Prepare yourselves.

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What do we know about the actual birth of these deliciously photogenic cuddle bundles? Well, details are pretty scant. TMZ (yeah, we know, grain of salt) reported last month the twins were Florida-born. “Sources in Miami tell us Anna had a boy and a girl Saturday in Miami, and their names are Nicholas and Lucy. The only thing overshadowing the blessed occasion is the fact they kept this whole thing a secret for 9 months.”

Well, TMZ, we’re not sure anything is actually “overshadowing the blessed occasion.” Don’t take it personally and get all snippy and melancholy, OK? This celeb couple is fantastic at protecting their privacy, and that’s pretty damn refreshing. In fact, we feel lucky they even chose to share pics of the new twins at all. So, we’ll happily take what we can get.

Usually, Kournikova is sharing pics of her beloved dogs on her Instagram account, but back in August, come to think of it, she did slyly add a video to her feed of her working her biceps in a particularly billowy black tank top. At the time, some commenters wondered if she might be pregnant, but others snarked about how skinny she was getting. And two commenters had the equivalent of a bar fight in the comment feed.

“She gave birth! There are video where she leaves the hospital! And you are nobody!”

“hahahahahaha yes and my parents are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and i am a model too! You are pathological lier [sic]!”

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Now, now, everyone. Let’s just settle down and enjoy the baby pictures, OK? Cool. One commenter had the right response. “Congratulations on your twins. I hope they grow to be healthy and kind. Don’t let the haters hate cause you work out..and if you had a surrogate or keep doing you! We women need to support and lift each other up not judge!” Thank you, oh, random commenter, voice of reason.

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