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Queen Elizabeth II Says Princess Charlotte Is the Boss of Prince George

On Jan. 14 at Sandringham House outside London — the queen’s private home — Queen Elizabeth II inadvertently let slip a sweet observation about her great-grandchildren, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. The monarch quipped that Princess Charlotte is the one bossing around her older brother.

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How did the subject come up? The queen was chatting with Emily Clay, a student who’d won a signed Bible from the ruler of Britannia (because who wouldn’t love to have a signed Bible from Queen Elizabeth?) for a school project she’d completed. [Interesting tidbit: Emily’s dad won the same contest almost 30 years ago and also chatted with the queen as she signed his Bible. That’s two signed-by-the-queen Bibles in one household — surely some kind of British record.]

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Anyway, the Eastern Daily Press reported that when the queen asked Emily if she was good about looking after her younger sister, Emily’s mother joked, “It’s the other way around.” The queen was quick to respond that it’s like that with Charlotte and George. Oh, snap!

We love these little glimpses into the lives of the most diminutive heirs to the English throne. It’s been reported that Charlotte and George love playing togetherno iPads or devices permitted for the kids of Kensington Palace — and that Charlotte is always at George’s heels. A source noted, “Charlotte loves to chase [George] around. They’re both very active children… They still like a bit of rough and tumble. She’s not afraid of a grazed knee, and it’s most certainly not going to stop her from running around the corridors… Charlotte’s always got her eye on something, and she moves at the speed of life!”

Go, Charlotte, go! And in April, there will be another sibling for Charlotte the Great to conquer — we seriously can’t wait to hear all the new scoops from the various palace gossips, including the queen herself.

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