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There’s Another Royal Baby (Yep) on the Way

There’s a legit bumper crop of royal babies headed our way — and Queen Elizabeth is getting yet another great-grandchild. The Duchess of Cambridge, commonly known by her maiden name, Kate Middleton, needn’t worry, however, because the next tiny royal won’t arrive until after she gives birth to hers.

According to Cosmopolitan, Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, is now expecting a second baby with her husband, Mike Tindall. While that news may not quite come with the royal clout of Kate and William’s third child, it does mean Charlotte and George will have a brand-new cousin coming their way.

Cosmo adds that the happy news comes after the heartbreaking announcement Zara experienced a miscarriage last December. The couple also has a 3-year-old daughter, Mia, together. The BBC reports that the queen and royal family are very pleased to be welcoming what will be the seventh royal great-grandchild.

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Kate and William are expecting their baby in April, well before the projected due date of Zara’s baby, who is set to arrive during the summer. Zara is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter, the Princess Royal, Anne. The BBC adds that Zara is a member of Great Britain’s equestrian eventing team and that she earned a silver medal during the 2012 London Olympics and the 2006 Eventing World Championships. But don’t worry. Mike isn’t a slouch, either. He’s a rugby champ who helped the English National Team take home the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

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When the new baby does arrive, he or she will be the 19th person in line for the throne. Thankfully, new laws regarding royal succession were recently passed, so if the Tindalls do welcome a little girl, she — like her cousin Charlotte — won’t get bumped in line if more royal sons enter the picture.

The Tindalls’ daughter, Mia, is already a fixture at the palace. People reports that she’s often photographed holding the queen’s handbag during royal photo shoots and is pretty chummy with Prince Harry. The bosom buddies share hugs and kisses and hang out at polo matches — as royals are wont to do.

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