James Corden Welcomes Baby, Initially Names Her Beyoncé

Dec 15, 2017 at 1:01 p.m. ET
Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, James Corden skipped his typical hosting duties on The Late Late Show after his wife, Julia Carey, went into labor. The new baby’s early arrival completely caught the couple off guard. They were unprepared... to say the least.

“This all started over the weekend. My wife started experiencing some sort of pain in her stomach. We checked it out,” the host explained in his opening monologue on Thursday, Dec. 14. “We thought it had gone away, and we went into a routine checkup on Tuesday, and suddenly the doctors turn to us and say, ‘Oh, no this is probably happening today and this baby could arrive in the next few hours.’”

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Thankfully, Corden’s longtime pal Harry Styles was free to fill in that night. Actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame hosted on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Carey gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

But because the parents weren’t quite ready for the new addition to the family, when it came down to choosing the perfect name, Corden did was he does best: comedy. "I looked at the doctor, and I said, ‘We're going to call her Beyoncé.”

Corden explained that his wife — surely exhausted and in no laughing mood — didn’t think this was particularly funny. Neither did the nurse, who took Corden’s joke as a directive and began writing “Beyoncé” on the newborn’s paperwork.

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"I had to go over to her and go ‘Excuse me, there's only Beyoncé,'" Corden concluded.

This is the third child for the couple, who already have a son (Max, 6) and another daughter (Carey, 3). As for their newborn’s actual name, Corden confessed they still haven't quite decided. James, might we suggest the most popular girl’s name in 2017? Or if you just can’t let go of Beyoncé, perhaps go Queen Bey-adjacent with a Destiny’s Child reference (see: Kelly or Michelle)?

Check out the video below.