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John Stamos Will Finally Be a Dad — & Don’t Worry, He’s Rehearsed This

Guys, Uncle Jesse is going to be a dad.

In October, actor John Stamos announced he and Caitlin McHugh were heading down the aisle; now, they’re about to welcome their first child. In an interview for People TV, the Full House star, known for playing the coolest uncle on the planet in the early ‘90s, admitted he’d been rehearsing to be an IRL dad for a pretty long time.

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“I’ll be a fun dad. I’ve been practicing for a long time,” he said to host Jess Cagle. “I’ve done every shtick you can do with a baby on TV… all the bits and jokes and diaper gags. I’ll probably just do all that stuff.”

Stamos explained he’s officially gone “full adult” and that he finally had to “straighten up.” About a minute into the 40-minute interview, the actor began to well up at the thought of his own parents, specifically at the memory of his dad.

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“I had the best father in the world. It kills me that my parents aren’t here to be a part of this.” Stamos also explained that to him, his father will always be larger than life. In that way, he’ll always be a kid at heart. “You know how you put your father on a pedestal… you know… like he’s a superhero? Then you get older and you go, ‘Oh, he’s just a man.’ I never got to that point.”

As for the baby’s sex, we’ll have to wait until the big birthday to find out; Stamos revealed he and McHugh want to be surprised. But if you thought Uncle Jesse raising the Tanner girls was epic, surely IRL Stamos will give Uncle Jesse a run for his money.

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