The Top Pinterest Parenting Trends for 2018 Are Delightfully Tech-Free

by SheKnows
Dec 12, 2017 at 10:38 a.m. ET
Image: Ashley Britton/SheKnows

What did parents do before Pinterest? How did nurseries get decorated? How did parents come up with the perfect hipster baby shower theme? Or the coolest recycled retro baby names? Or creative holiday crafts?

Pinterest is definitely the go-to site for many modern parents — including us — with its more than 2 billion (!) pinned ideas. In fact, the genius folks at the site figured out that 1 in 3 parents uses Pinterest, a pretty impressive stat.

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So we were psyched to hear that Pinterest has once again compiled its (4th!) annual Pinterest 100 — a curated list of top ideas that are gaining big momentum and look to be trends worth watching in 2018. This list is basically the best holiday gift ever for more than 200 million Pinners out there, with a particularly captivating lineup of crafty, creative ideas for us parent types. So fix your favorite winter beverage, get cozy and peruse Pinterest's predictions for the upcoming year, and prepare to be pin-spired.

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Pinterest top parenting trends to try in 2018

  • Wooden toys: Parents have had it with plastic — searches for tree-derived toys are up 173 percent at Pinterest. Yes, like that little duck on wheels you used to yank around on a rope. Some things never go out of style, people.
  • Pom-pomsPom-poms are seriously hot right now — not the NFL cheerleader kind, but the adorable yarn ones, which are popping up on everything from baby blankies to mobiles. And hats. Don't forget adorable pom-pom baby hats.
  • Weighted blankets: Saves for these on Pinterest are up a whopping 259 percent. And no wonder. They're known to soothe even the fussiest kids to sleep (grown-ups too). Extra points if you can find a way to sew on some pom-poms.
  • Modern nurseries: Super-old-school nurseries are out, but mod is in. Think sharp, clean decor that transitions seamlessly from tiny to teen.
  • Prepping for Baby: Pinterest is seeing a big rise in expectant parents piecing together pre-baby wish lists and must-dos. Nesting has always been a thing with a newborn on the way, but Pinterest has a ton of prepartum wisdom and fun getting-ready advice that almost-moms and almost-dads will love.
  • Forts: Yep, you read that right. Parents are looking for cooler, more permanent alternatives to the humble pillow and blanket fort — searches for forts have surged on Pinterest by 108 percent. Tepees, fairy netting, furniture with hidden cubbies — your fort-loving kiddos (especially the introverts) will love these new hiding places.
  • Eco-everythingEco-friendly diapers and Earth-happy clothes and materials are not just smart for our poor overworked planet; they're super-cool too. Birkenstocks totally optional.
  • Teething necklaces: These bold, drool-resistant necklaces keep baby-wearing a much more pleasant endeavor for everyone involved. And some of them even look like Italian statement jewelry, so win-win.
  • Bohemian baby showers: Nurseries may be trending more modern, but showers are a different story, full of boho textiles and vintage-chic pillows and rugs and lamps. Forget diaper cakes and crepe paper banners; dig through the attic and see what lacy table runners Great Aunt Lucy might have left behind to up your boho shower game.
  • Sprinkle showers: This search is up 180 percent. Have a friend who already has kids or doesn't like too much fuss? Sprinkle instead of shower with a chill, laid-back vibe and just the essential baby stuff (diapers, wipes, onesies), and include big sis or big brother too. Rainbow-themed sprinkle showers are especially popular. And now we can't stop thinking about ice cream cones.
  • Sip and sees: Forget paint and sip: Parents are choosing to live it up a little with drop-in soirees designed to introduce their newest family member to their wine-loving friends. Saves for this are up 218 percent — who knew, and where do we score an invite?