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Mom-Shamers Attack Jessica Simpson for Sexy Photo

God forbid moms feel a little sexy once in awhile — and tell the internet about it. The rabid mom-shamers of the interwebs were hungrily stalking for their next famous victim when they stumbled upon Jessica Simpson looking naughty and nice over on Instagram. Cue totally unwarranted judgmental comments.

Oh no! Satin green boudoir robe! Red lingerie and lipstick! Lush blond mane! Call Child Protective Services! No? Oh, fine. There’s always the comment section.

And the trolls were happy to use it in a charming display of female solidarity:

“You are better than this. Cover up and be beautiful.”

“Is this how a mother of two children really wants to act? Get it together Jessica, those days should be behind you.”

“U look like a hooker.”

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Then there was the sarcastic approach:

“Getting ready to go to a PTA meeting?”

“Glad your husband allows you to show your tits all over the Internet. awesome!!!”

“Great example for your daughter!”

Then the ever-popular sorry-not-sorry route:

“Litle [sic] bit vulgar, no offense.”

The ominous vague warning:

“You could be the girl that hooks up with my stalkers.”

And the wannabe standup comedian:

“Jessica, Hefner died. You can’t have the job you are obviously trying out for.”

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Newsflash, haters: Did y’all forget how babies — including celebrity babies — are usually made? Refresher: There’s often sex involved. So why is it that once a woman becomes a mom, she’s expected to go full Puritan? It’s a disturbing trend that shows no sign of abating, and celeb moms are getting flogged the hardest for loving their bodies and enjoying feeling sexy from time to time. Don’t worry, Jessica, you’re in great company — maybe you can get together with Jenna Dewan Tatum for paint and sip night in LA and laugh at the haters.

Thank goodness for the voices of reason that pop up to defend celeb moms like Simpson. “So is she supposed to look like a nun because she’s a mom?”

And, “You are always my favorite. Still gorgeous as always.” True story. Shine on, Jess.

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