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Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Is Getting Body-Shamed

With her career success and a second baby on the way with her husband, John LegendChrissy Teigen is doing damn well. And considering that the model is going through one of the biggest years in her life, you would think the Instagram trolls would lay off her for a second. Wrong. Recently, Teigen was body-shamed because of her pregnant belly, which some considered “too big” for how far along she is, Revelist first reported.

The shaming occurred on two recent Instagram posts that showed off Teigen’s pregnant belly. In one picture, Teigen can be seen sitting on a kitchen counter; the other shows her dressed in a black evening gown while holding her stomach. And though Teigen clearly looked like she was in her element with her pregnancy glow in full swing, that didn’t stop internet trolls from criticizing her changing body.

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The body-shamers primarily targeted Teigen’s bump, which they claimed wasn’t as large a few weeks ago. A few of the comments include:

“She didn’t look that preggers in Oct when she was on lip sync battle.” (Because that was two months ago and pregnancies are progressive?) 

“I was just saying you look a little chunky too.”

“It’s just a food baby.”

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It’s important to note that no one (besides probably Teigen and Legend) knows how far along Teigen’s pregnancy is, so these opinions are purely speculative and 100 percent BS. There are a lot of reasons Teigen’s baby bump looks bigger than a few weeks ago (she was hiding it from the tabloids, her show films months in advance, etc.), but one thing we have no explanation for is why internet trolls continually feel compelled to criticize her body — and those of so many moms. Can we let women live and stop the shaming already?

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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