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10 Adorable Times Celebrity Kids Tried Walking in Their Moms’ High Heels

There is something about children trying on their parents’ clothes that really excites the internet. Factor in celebrity kids like Blue Ivy Carter, North West, Luna Stephens and Penelope Disick, and you really have a recipe for a viral video. Because celebrity moms — from Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian West to Chrissy Teigen — are just like many other moms, and love sharing adorable videos of their kids with their millions of social media followers, we’re frequently granted an inside look at these A-list families — and their wardrobes.

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Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up or just want to gush over cute kids doing cute things, these crazy-adorable clips of celebrity daughters trying on their famous moms’ high heels are sure to brighten your day. Ahead, take a look at 10 famous toddlers attempt to walk (OK, more like wobble) in their moms’ oversize, sky-high stilettos. If you want to know what it’s like to walk in Beyoncé’s shoes, just ask Blue Ivy.

Chrissy Teigen & Luna Stephens, 1

Though these might not have been mom Chrissy Teigen’s chunky-heel sandals, Luna, 18 months at the time, showed off her expertise in walking in high heels in this adorable video taken by her grandma, Vilailuck Teigen. In the cute clip, Luna can be seen wobbling in her grandma’s heels as she makes her way across the room, stretching out her hands for balance.

Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter, 5

The only person who knows what it’s like to walk in Beyoncé’s shoes is her 5-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. In a slideshow posted to her Instagram, the singer shared an adorable clip of Blue Ivy walking in her sparkly pink pumps. The snaps show Blue Ivy’s tiny feet swamped by her mom’s shoes as she leans over a chair with one foot daintily in the air.

Kim Kardashian West & North West, 4

We’re sure Kim Kardashian West has an entire closet filled with high heels, so it would make sense that her 4-year-old daughter, North, would sneak in there and steal a pair. Ahead of North’s cousin Penelope Disick’s fifth birthday party, Kardashian West shared a video of her daughter adorably walking in her sparkly purple pumps. The clip shows North running (more like wobbling) over to Kardashian West, upset that she’s trying to take a video of her with flash on. “No flash!” North exclaims.

Kourtney Kardashian & Penelope Disick, 3

If you’ve ever wanted to look inside Kourtney Kardashian’s shoe collection, her daughter, Penelope Disick, gave you a sneak peek. In this picture posted to Kardashian’s Snapchat, Penelope, 3 at the time, can be seen staring at the reality star’s shoe collection while wearing a veil (uhh — Kardashian was never married) and some heeled leopard-print rain boots.

Celebrity Daughters in Their Moms’ High Heels | Victoria Beckham and Harper Beckham, 6
Image: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Victoria Beckham & Harper Beckham, 6

Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper is so good at walking in heels, her mom has gone on the record to say that “she can wear heels like most grown-ups cannot.” Given Harper’s talent, it makes sense that she’s been ogling over her mom’s crystal slippers for quite some time. So when the tot was able to finally get her hands on them, the former Spice Girl had to take a picture. In this snap, Harper can be seen modeling her mom’s oversize sparkly slippers, which have a noticeable amount of room in the back.

Drew Barrymore & Olive Kopelman, 4

For Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive, wearing heels makes her feel pretty. So when Olive, 4 at the time, tried on her mom’s strappy gold sandals, Barrymore had to whip out her camera and take a picture. Judging from her Instagram caption, the photo was actually a sweet moment in her mother-daughter memory book. “This is beauty to me. My sweet Olive in my shoes. This is also a girl flirting with feeling pretty,” Barrymore wrote.

Mel B & Madison Brown Belafonte, 3

In 2014, Mel B caught her daughter Madison, 3 at the time, red-handed rummaging through her closet and trying on her shoes. Instead of scolding her right away, the former Spice Girl whipped out her phone and took a snap of Madison proudly posing in a bathroom with some droolworthy sparky blue stilettos on her feet.

According to the singer’s Instagram caption, the shoes, expensive Jimmy Choos, were chosen by Madison because she likes the way they “click clock” on the bathroom floor. We’re sure she doesn’t mind the look of them either.

Mariah Carey & Monroe Cannon, 5

Last year, Mariah Carey shared a proud snap of her daughter, Monroe, 5 at the time, slipping on her knee-high black-heeled boots. In the picture, Monroe can be seen standing tall in the middle of the room with the singer’s boots all the way up to her waist. Hey, if waist-high boots ever become a thing, we can credit Monroe for sparking the trend.

Katherine Heigl & Nancy Kelley, 6, & Adalaide Kelley, 3

Katherine Heigl’s daughters Nancy and Adalaide’s go-to dress-up clothes are, of course, her expensive high heels. In this super-cute Instagram picture, Nancy, 6 at the time, and Adalaide, 3, can be seen hanging out in Heigl’s bathroom while flaunting some seriously enviable footwear. Nancy can be seen sporting some heeled leopard-print booties, while her sister had fun in suede heeled Chelsea boots.

Mariska Hargitay & Amaya Hermann, 4

If your mom is playing one of the most badass women on television, of course you’re going to want to step into her shoes. In 2015, Mariska Hargitay shared a picture of her daughter Amaya, 4 at the time, wearing her blue furry leopard-print pumps. Judging from her caption, Hargitay was about to throw out the super-retro footwear until her daughter slipped them on and decided they were worth the closet space after all.

“You guessed it — or maybe didn’t guess — these were mine,” she wrote. “Doesn’t matter though, because my daughter Amaya rocks any pair better anyway.”

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