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This Minister Wants You to Pray That Prince George Is Gay

If you’re a supporter of LGBTQ rights and also a praying type, Anglican minister Very Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, has a task for you. He wants you to pray for Prince George. More specifically, he wants you to pray that the 4-year-old prince — who is also the third in line to the throne — will end up falling in love with a man. Yep, you heard that right.

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Holdsworth is a prominent same-sex rights advocate and a senior member of the Scottish Episcopal Church. Earlier this year, he addressed Christians who consider themselves LGBTQ supporters in a blog post. He explained they should “pray in the privacy of their hearts (or in public if they dare) for the Lord to bless Prince George with a love, when he grows up, of a fine young gentleman. A royal wedding might sort things out remarkably easily though we might have to wait 25 years for that to happen. Who knows whether that might be sooner than things might work out by other means?”

The man does have a point.

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Holdsworth’s prayer request was included among nine additional bullet points in a post titled, “How to change the Church of England.” Holdsworth re-shared the link to his blog post on Twitter after little George’s uncle — the fifth in line to the crown — Prince Harry announced his engagement to actor Meghan Markle. This time around, though, the post is getting much more attention.

And Holdsworth’s request — or rather, his pessimism that the world might still not accept LGBTQ folks in 25 years — isn’t really that far-fetched. After all, if children are still sent to religious-focused summer camps where they’re asked to “pray the gay away,” it was only a matter of time before a counter-request was offered, yes?

George, you do you — whoever “you” turns out to be. In the meantime, we sure do hope you get that police car you asked for.

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