Tori Spelling Put Makeup on Her 9-Year-Old & the Internet Isn't Having It

Nov 30, 2017 at 2:23 p.m. ET
Image: Tiffany Rose/Contributor

Even though it's indeed beginning to look a lot like Christmas out there, internet commenters are keeping their holly jolly to a minimum — and Tori Spelling is the mom-shamers' latest target. After the actor posted a Thanksgiving snapshot featuring her daughter, Stella, she got some heat in the comments section because... the wee one is wearing lipstick. Gasps abounded; pearls were clutched.

In the photo, 9-year-old Stella is rocking a deep (and very on-trend, mind you) berry lipstick that matches her lace dress pretty perfectly. It looks festive and party-perfect, but the fact that Little S is still a preteen has commenters up in arms.


"Stella is too young for dark lipstick," one wrote.

"Why does your daughter have makeup on?? She is to [sic] little!!!" another added.

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Spelling has kept her opinion to herself, letting her followers duke it out. Stella, for her part, seemed just fine sitting at the kids' table with her pals at Thanksgiving. Because, shocker: Children are surprisingly mature compared to internet commenters.

Spelling's caption said enough, anyway — even though it probably wasn't meant to address the lipstick. "Together we have formed a family that’s untraditional. All of us were not born family but a family bound together by love and choice,” she noted. “Untraditional families are the new tradition and we look forward to celebrating our created family as we grow thru generations and generations."

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Thankfully, not every comment was negative. There were some reasonable voices out in the internet ether. "I believe that every parent has the right to decide what is right and wrong for THEIR child..." one commenter suggested. "Besides, with all the wrong that children can do a little dark lipstick is by far the least a parent should worry about & it definitely shouldn't be the worry of an outsider looking in, that doesn't know the circumstances to why she's wearing it."

Words of wisdom we should all live by — especially on the interwebs.