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Mark Wahlberg Is Peak Dad Now That His Daughter’s Dating


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Hollywood leading man Mark Wahlberg may not realize it, but he casts an intimidating figure. Blame those broad shoulders and chiseled muscles, but he’s not exactly… huggable. He may deny that assertion, but his daughter’s beau would probably back us up here. In a recent visit to Live with Kelly and Ryan, Wahlberg explained that his 14-year-old daughter has started dating — and the boyfriends aren’t exactly warming up to dear-old dad.

People reports that Wahlberg’s oldest daughter, Ella Rae, brought home a boyfriend once, but the poor guy must have gotten skittish, because Wahlberg says he never saw him again. (Apparently BF’s mom came along for that dinner too, because who wouldn’t turn down some face-time with Marky Mark?)

“It was one of those things where I was like, ‘Oh, this boy is really nice,’ and now he’s not around anymore — I don’t know what happened,” Wahlberg said. “But I was not trying to intimidate him. It had nothing to do with me. I guess the relationship just didn’t work out, and somehow I got blamed.”

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Wahlberg insists he had nothing to do with Ella Rae’s relationship’s downward trajectory, but I mean, wouldn’t yoube scared off by your date’s dad if he had that intimidating presence, bravado and Boston accent? Wahlberg feigned ignorance with Ripa and Seacrest, but viewers suspected he had a hand in the kid’s quick retreat.

Ella Rae’s maybe-dating life has gotten quite a few mentions lately. According to Entertainment Tonight, Wahlberg said she’s been communicating with his costar Will Ferrell’s son Magnus (Ferrell is starring with Wahlberg in Daddy’s Home 2). Could it be a new relationship developing among the spawn of comedy kings?

“Those things happen. As long as I know who they are, where they come from, and know their parents, in this case, of course I know a lot,” Wahlberg said of the budding friendship between Ella Rae and Magnus. “So, I’m good. I know Will and [his wife] Viv [Paulin], and they’re very, very nice and they’re raising very young, fine boys. So, he’s all good.”

Of course, this could just be a ploy to embarrass Wahlberg’s kids — or Ferrell’s kids for that matter. In the past, Wahlberg’s admitted he revels in the fact that he can make his daughters blush. Famous or not, there are some things dads just can’t help doing.

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