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Jessica Simpson Is Being Shamed for Dyeing Her 5-Year-Old’s Hair

It’s a week past Halloween, but Jessica Simpson‘s parenting continues to haunt some Instagram users. Last Wednesday, the day after Halloween, the singer-turned-fashion designer posted an adorable shot of her family celebrating the big day.

Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, dressed as country music duo Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. The couple’s children, 4-year-old son Ace and 5-year-old daughter Maxwell, sported more kid-friendly costumes: Ace dressed as Woody from Toy Story, while Maxwell channeled her inner princess as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. And though the Johnson-Simpsons’ family Halloween photo looked cute enough to frame, some on the internet took issue with Maxwell’s suddenly brown hair, Insider first discovered.

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Considering the 5-year-old is a natural blonde, several Instagram users lashed out at Simpson for “endangering” her child at such young age by dyeing her hair. Others, likely not understanding the point of Halloween, simply criticized Simpson for changing Maxwell’s hair, period. A few of the inane comments included:

“Please don’t tell me she dyed her daughter’s hair!!”

“Why would you color your daughter’s hair at such a young age??????????????????????”

“Great costumes. Is Maxwell’s hair dyed? I hope not her blond hair was so beautiful!!! Hopefully, just temp wash out color.”

Though there was a noticeable group of mom-shamers who disapproved of Simpson’s daughter’s costume, there were also many followers who came to her aid. Simpson’s supporters argued that the dye was likely temporary and harmless to Maxwell, while others simply told the shamers that Simpson’s choice to parent her daughter was hers and hers alone. Here are a couple of the positive comments:

“So cute. Don’t listen to the haters.”

“It’s a Halloween costume and [Maxwell’s] going as Belle. Belle has brown hair. It’s not that serious. It’s probably a wash off. So dramatic. It’s none of anyone’s business to judge how someone parents their children.”

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Considering that Maxwell still has her natural blond locks in a photo Simpson posted a week after Halloween, it’s safe to say the dye was temporary. Per a report by InStyle, temporary hair dye typically rinses out after a few washes and is usually chemical-free, unlike its permanent counterparts, making it kid-friendly.

While Simpson hasn’t publicly responded to the shamers, we’re thinking she’s wishing the haters would get out of her life as fast as her daughter’s temporary hair dye did.

Originally posted on StyleCaster.

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