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Mom Says She’ll Continue Breastfeeding 5-Year-Old Despite Internet Ire

British blogger Sophie Mei Lan is the mother of two girls (Jasmine, 5, and Ariana, 2), both of whom she’s still breastfeeding. That last fact — nursing a 5-year-old — has been the source of much controversy from haters online simply because it raises the age-old question: How old is too old for a kid to be breastfed?

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In a recent interview with the U.K. daytime program This Morning, Mei Lan explained how breastfeeding benefits not only her children, but herself. “[W]hen I’m feeding my babies, it anchors me and I focus on them,” she said, as noted by Us Weekly. Mei Lan has openly discussed her struggle with depression on Instagram and on her blog.

The mom hasn’t shied away from sharing images of herself breastfeeding her children online. This too often garners a mix of support of and criticism. After her television appearance, Twitter erupted with a slew of comments, largely criticizing the mother of two. Poor thing. At least it seems like Mei Lan is able to shrug the comments off. Except, that is, for the one opinion she has been concerned about: that of her husband, Chris Hale.

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“It’s caused a bit of friction in my relationship. Chris would like me to stop because it’s so tiring,” Mei Lan told The Sun on Thursday. “We do argue about it, but we know breast milk is one of the healthiest things we can give our children.”

At least it seems like Hale is simply concerned with the physical effects of breastfeeding two large, hungry children — rather than shaming his wife for an entirely personal choice that some people simply see as “inappropriate” for whatever reason. “My take on it: I feel sorry for mothers,” he said on This Morning. “They are always judged. It’s almost a battle you can’t win. You do what is right for your family. It doesn’t really matter what everyone else thinks.”

Our take on it: You do you, Sophie. This is nobody’s decision to make but yours — and it’s certainly not a decision that anonymous internet commenters who don’t even know you should be making for you.

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