Beyoncé’s Mom Spills About Newborn Twins’ ‘Very Different Personalities'

Oct 31, 2017 at 5:59 p.m. ET
Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

In July, Beyoncé broke the internet when she posted the first photo of her newborn twins, Rumi and Sir, on Instagram. But since then, aside from a few grainy paparazzi shots and a handful of reports from anonymous “sources,” there’s been little information about the singer and and husband Jay-Z‘s new bundles of joy.

Thank goodness for Tina Lawson, Beyoncé’s mom, who — like the embarrassing grandma she is — spilled the tea on the details her daughter was likely trying so hard to keep under wraps. (Tina is the real MVP). In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tina and her husband, Richard Lawson, dished on the twins’ “very different personalities” and how 5-year-old Blue Ivy is faring as a big sister.

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Like the rest of us, Tina can’t handle the cuteness of two Beyoncé babies running around. “[The twins] are doing great. They are absolutely beautiful and so much fun,” Tina said. “I haven’t ever been around twins, but it’s so cute. I can hardly take it.”

But just because Rumi and Sir are twins, it doesn’t mean they have twin personalities. Tina revealed that the twins are kind of polar opposites. “Yes, [it’s crazy]. It’s just really, really different with two babies,” she said. “I mean, a boy and a girl. Very different personalities.”

As for how Blue Ivy is dealing with no longer being an only child, Richard, Beyoncé’s stepdad, revealed that becoming an older sister has pushed the toddler to become more mature. “Just seeing her grow up, it’s bringing some maturity,” Richard said. “She’s only 5, but you can see the transition in terms of her being a little more calm.”

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Though despite Blue’s newfound maturity, Richard also admits that she’s still diva and is passing down her “diva-dom” to her younger siblings. “Because she’s the diva,” Richard said. “But she’s sharing her diva-dom.”

With a diva mom, it seems like the personality type is hereditary. And with four diva family members, the Knowles-Carters could definitely rule the world.

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