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All of Chris Hemsworth’s Kids Want to Be This Badass Lady for Halloween

Poor Thor’s got some superhero rivalry on his hands. Chris Hemsworth appeared on Good Morning America this morning to let the world know: Nope, none of his kids want to be Thor for Halloween. Poor beleaguered superdude. Instead, all three of Hemsworth’s progeny with wife Elsa Pataky — their daughter India Rose and twin boys Tristan and Sasha — want to dress as Wonder Woman this year.

“I asked my kids the other day,” Hemsworth explained, “because we’re going to go out trick-or-treating, what they want to wear for Halloween… At the same time — I’ve got two boys and a little girl — they all said, ‘Wonder Woman!‘” I mean, an Amazon princess/trained warrior who answers a calling to save the world? Who would want to dress as anyone else for Halloween?

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Hemsworth continued amid laughter from the GMA hosts: “I was like, ‘That’s awesome, that’s awesome, but you know, what about Thor?’ And at the same time they went, ‘NO!‘” The kids have good reasoning for their refusal: When Hemsworth asked them who was the stronger superhero, he says they responded with a resounding “Wonder Woman!” Yep, seems pretty accurate. Watch the whole exchange below.

The actor, whose latest film Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters Nov. 3, also jokingly explained to the GMA folks how suddenly Halloween has become a thing in his life — you know, after his childhood scrounging wild fungi or whatever in the Australian wilds. Sure, Chris. Whatever you say.

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“We’re from Australia, so we never celebrated much there,” he explained. “In the bush, there wasn’t really any houses around, so you’re foraging through the trees for some berries. But they’re excited now they’re around the chocolate and the lollies.”

Lollies do indeed make for the best Halloweens — lollies and badass feminist Halloween costumes, that is. So it sounds like the Hemsworth Halloween is shaping up to be a real rager… and making me feel pretty lame for letting my kid dress in a plain-old dog costume, but oh, well.

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