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Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ Marriage Secret? ‘Stay Together’

Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds make the whole high-profile marriage, kids and career juggling act look like a piece of cake. Box office success, two adorable daughters (James and Ines) and off-the-charts chemistry — what gives? Can we get in on this? Lively recently talked to People and said the recipe’s a simple one for them. “My husband and I don’t work at the same time, so we all go together as a family… If we’re away […], it’s never more than for a day,” she said. “We stay together.”

Lively also told the magazine that though it’s a little chaotic to have her kids with her at work, she’s glad that’s an option. Lively began filming her newest movie All I See Is You when the couple’s second daughter, Ines, was only 4 months old. “I’m not in an office where I can’t do that,” Lively said, “so she’s either with me or when I’m shooting a scene, she’s one room away. If she really needs me, I can pop over there.”

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Lively also attributes the success of her five-year marriage to the fact that she and Reynolds share the same (weird) career. She recently visited Good Morning America to promote her new movie, and had this to say: “In general, it’s nice to have someone who understands what you’re doing. Especially because our job is so weird — you have to be married to other people, it’s all so strange… It’s never normal, even when you’re both doing it.” 

As for filming those steamy sex scenes — with other people? Nah, neither she nor Reynolds is bothered by what happens on set. “It’s helpful to know that like, oh, when you’re acting like you’re in a relationship with someone [else], that’s not what’s actually happening,” Lively said. “Because I have friends who are married to people who aren’t in the business, and they’re like, ‘Oh, so you’re not actually making love in that scene?!’ And I’m like, “No, no, no, no, definitely not, no. So yeah, those elements are helpful.”

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And while she didn’t say it, we think their shared quirky sense of humor goes a long way too. Check out their hilarious birthday tweets to each other:

We have a hunch that James and Ines are going to grow up to be brilliant stand-up comedians.

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