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Prince Harry Plays With Danish Baby, Proves He’s Got Serious Dad Chops

Prince Harry is always on the go, traipsing around the world on his royal duties. But the prince can never resist a cute kid — and it’s clearer all the time he’s a natural papa in the making. Yes, we know. There’s not even an official engagement yet (though rumors are swirling that he and Suits actor Meghan Markle are thiiiis close to announcing their nuptials). But we can’t help but notice Prince Harry’s got the royal touch when it comes to kids and speculate that he’s going to make a great daddy someday.

Need proof? The official Kensington Palace Instagram and Twitter feeds are full of photos and videos of Harry being charmed to bits by little ones across the globe. Case in point: He’s currently on a royal visit to Denmark, where he seemed delighted as ever to meet a sweet baby.

And, hey, what about this shot from September when Prince Harry was mixing and mingling with Invictus Games athletes and their babies in Toronto.

Commenters went a little gaga over that one, gushing, “Prince HARRY is a natural nurturer!!! Just like his beautiful Mum!” and “I have feeling he is going to be a really fun Daddy!” Yeah, we do too.

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It’s not just the babies, either. Prince Harry is great with kids of all ages. We also melted at this pic of him with a little girl at the Well Child Awards Event.

The charity is close to Prince Harry’s heart and cares for thousands of critically ill children and their families in the U.K. Harry was also on hand at another children’s charity event that took place on a vintage British Pullman train. All aboard seemed thrilled to have a chance to chat with Harry.

So what does the prince have to say on the topic of wanting kids someday? In 2016, he told People he hoped he was a “fun uncle” to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. He also told the magazine, “There have been moments through life, especially when we do a tour abroad, when I think, ‘I’d love to have kids now.’ … And then there are other times when I bury my head in the sand going, ‘All right, don’t need kids!’ There’s no rush… There’s been times I’ve been put off having children.”

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But don’t you worry. The prince continued, “No, actually, I’ve got a couple of mates and being around their children just brings me back down.” Yup, kids keep Harry grounded — and he loves it. We’re going on the record: Kids are just wild about Harry, and so are we.

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