Brooklyn Decker Dreams Son Hank Will Marry Luna Legend Someday

Grace and Frankie actor Brooklyn Decker isn’t going to let Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s little girl get away easily. Decker told Us that she’s pretty much ready to start planning the wedding for her son, Hank, 2, and Luna, 18 months. (Don’t worry. We’re predicting a very long engagement.)

“It is my dream that he marries her. A lot of their friends want their children to marry Luna. I think she’s promised to several people. I gotta get Hank in there,” Decker laughed.

Decker revealed to Us that Hank and Luna occasionally enjoy playdates in which they watch House of Cards together and argue about credit card bills. OK, so we made up the part about House of Cards and credit card tiffs. But they do have playdates, Decker confirmed. And it looks like she and Teigen have playdates too based on this Oct. 1 Instagram shot of the exhausted moms (and friend) posing at 1 a.m. with a red toy kitchen that took forever to assemble. We can so relate.

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Decker added of Luna, “That child is so darling. People are fighting over her.” Decker and her husband, former tennis pro Andy Roddick, are rooting for unwitting suitor Hank. The couple also has a second child on the way — a girl. We can’t wait to hear who they match her with. Our vote is for Khloé Kardashian’s baby.

Decker didn’t intend for the world to know she’s got a baby girl on the way, but in July, Roddick let the cat out of the bag during a speech he delivered at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Oopsie.

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“I was shocked,” Decker told the magazine. “I did not know that he was going to announce our pregnancy in a speech publicly. I think he just got overwhelmed by the moment and he just blurted it out that we were not only pregnant, but having a daughter…. Our close friends and family knew, but not everyone in our lives knew and they are reaching out like, ‘What, you’re pregnant?’”

Congrats to the happy, completely oblivious toddler couple. Luna and Hank are registered at Toys R Us.


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